Video Premiere! The Birthmarks “Royal Youns”


The Birthmarks are back to follow up their fantastic ‘No Slash’ EP with the video for “Royal Youns”. It’s the lead single from their upcoming debut album Slowly.

The video was directed by Chris Hopkins of Permanent Slump, a member of Shake Chain. It has a touch of Eerie Indiana oddity that pairs perfectly with the band’s acid sautéed sound.

The band admit that their new album Slowly is more introspective, as a result of economic factors.

Guitarist and singer Dylan Hughes, in describing the writing process, said “I think the state of the world at that time influenced some of the songs.”

There was, of course, plenty of fuel for their darker approach.

After all, the album was written amidst the backdrop of Brexit, Trump and the 2019 UK general election, Hughes goes on to say “maybe the sort of despair and hopelessness of that (creeps in), as well as the usual listening to things like Flying Nun, Gorky’s, Cate Le Bon…”

Upon this evidence we cannot wait to hear The Birthmarks’ full debut album.

Slowly will be released via one of our favourite Manchester labels, Icecapades Records, on 17th June. It’s certain to be one of this year’s highlights.

Here’s the album artwork to boot:

The Birthmarks ‘Slowly’ album cover


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