Video Premiere! Order Of The Toad’s ‘Golden Rod’


The wonderful Order Of The Toad are back with more glistening technicolor retro pop. ‘Golden Rod’ is the first single release from their forthcoming album ‘Spirit Man’.

Their quirky pop is as skewed and playful as ever. The retro futuristic visuals and understated, comical concept are a perfect match!

They are, of course, responsible for 2020’s fantastic ‘Re-Order Of The Toad’. Now a four piece with the addition of guitarist Fionnan Byrne-Perkins, there’s a hint of The New Pornographers to the super catchy ‘Golden Rod’. Having had a sneak peak there is an awful lot more to be excited about on the upcoming album too. Check out the video here!

For the uninitiated the band all play or have played in some other great bands and projects. These include Current Affairs, The Wharves, Kasms, Personality Toilet, Open Face, Robert Sotelo and Nightshift.

Mainstays Gemma Fleet, Andrew Doig and Chris Taylor all return, of course.

Order Of The Toad L-R Chris Taylor, Gemma Fleet, Andrew Doig and Fionnan Byrne-Perkins

The dual guitars open up new horizons on ‘Spirit Man’ allowing for deeper explorations and more variation.

We’re looking forward to covering the album in the near future, as it’s every bit as good as their previous work.

With hints of Kate Bush amidst the powerful vocal performances throughout, there’s a touch of 80s nostalgia. The creation of their pristine pop, despite being interrupted by… you know what… is cohesive and refreshingly upbeat.

There’s also a great story about the album’s artwork, which also influences the music video.

“In Summer 2021 the day after Fleet and Doig were married during a meal at a restaurant in Ayr, they noticed striking and vivid paintings by the artist they came to know as Gordon Stead hanging on the walls. The band went about approaching Gordon to create a front image for Spirit Man and the resulting painting was passed on to design layout whizz-kid Matthew Walkerdine to complete and ready for manufacture.”

‘Spirit Man’ cover by Gordon Stead

‘Spirit Man’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Chime Studios Glasgow with trusted friend Ross McGowan. It will be released on 16th September via Gringo Records and Hidden Bay Records on LP and Digital Download.


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