The Cool Greenhouse – Landlords / 4Chan


Landlords, the new single from The Cool Greenhouse, is a dry humoured rant about terrible landlords who would do anything to deflect responsibility for the upkeep of their property. Ignoring phone calls, claiming the issues are for the council to deal with etc.

They have “KILL ALL SCROUNGERS” as a number plate, when they are leeching money off hardworking people themselves.

The caller then attempting to call the council who do very little to help. After all it’s not their problem to deal with. The delivery is deadpan, like James Murphy or Mark E Smith, which it is fairly safe to say this is heavily influenced by. This is all set to a two note bassline, jarring guitar stabs and an electronic drum beat, the minimalism of which reminds us of Prinzhorn Dance School and Stump.

4Chan, a comment on people trolling on message boards, is much in the same vain. The music again prides itself on monotony, similar to cult Brighton band The Pheromoans. It introduces static feedback, wonky guitars and a lo-fi keyboard beat. The vocal delivery is more sparse than on Landlords. An enjoyable single then, and what’s more, 50p from each digital release goes to the London Renters Union. Putting their money where their mouth is.

You may enjoy this if you like: The Fall, LCD Soundsystem, The Pheromoans, Prinzhorn Dance School, Stump


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