Robert Sotelo – Dear Resident / Operate Now


Prolific singer songwriter Robert Sotelo is back… again! This time he treats us to a lockdown double A side single, Dear Resident / Operate Now, via the always wonderful Permanent Slump. What’s more, like a 100 year old man walking laps of his garden, it’s all for the fine cause of raising money for the NHS.
On both tracks Sotelo has used isolation to satisfy his electronic urges. The clipped staccato synths and simple catchy hooks of Dear Resident, are married with gorgeous simple melodies, typically screwball sounds and perhaps the most polished production on any Sotelo electronic release to date.

Operate Now utilises a similar approach. Sotelo’s yawning vocal accompanying a slow building synth led backing that, at points, teeters delightfully on the edge of out of tune. It all culminates in some quite gorgeous backing vocals as the drums fully kick in.
Sotelo has also released music videos for each that play out like minimal outdoor discos. Turn out the lights, stick these on and dance like no one’s watching… because… well… they’re not!


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