Marmelade – I Don’t Know


Marmelade is, seemingly a solo project coming out of Montreal, Quebec. With a distinct lack of information
to go on I’ve no idea of anything else about this artist other than his profile photo on Bandcamp, and his only other release. Naturally, that was a wonderfully bizarre Christmas EP full of detuned synth wonk.
Something about the artwork for this new single grabbed me and I felt the urge to investigate.

“I Don’t Know” is a delicate and cute, lightly jazzy pop song which revels in jarring, deranged note clashes. It’s obviously intentional, kind of like a Les Dawson rendition of a Gary Wilson song. Or perhaps Eric Morecambe, playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order. There’s a juxtaposition between sweet and unerring in Marmelade’s music and B-Side “Nobody Knows” only enhances this. The strange use of ill fitting notes shouldn’t work but somehow it’s quite sublime!

I’ll keep following the progress of this Montreal oddball and report back.

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