Lowly Loverboi – NSTRL

Lowly Loverboi

Carrying on today’s lo-fi theme this single is superb.  Lowly Loverboi are a three piece from New York.
NSTRL (Nothing’s Scarier Than Real Life) has an almost Daniel Johnston-like quality to it – which is further aided by the accompanying artwork.

The lyrics are bizarre images of supernatural horror that clash with the chorus line (same as the title).

There’s something in the intonation of the words that reminds me of Neutral Milk Hotel. It’s a beautiful piece of music with burbling keyboards, simple strummed guitars and basic drums that fizz underneath the vocals.

B-side The Sweater Song (not a Weezer cover) is a lament to a recent lost love, with simple guitar, keyboard drones and a Kimya Dawson-esque feel. It also has a really nice trumpet solo halfway through, which again recalls Neutral Milk Hotel.
This is a great single and well worth checking out, as is their previous single Dumb Phone.

You may enjoy this if you like Daniel Johnston, Kimya Dawson, Neutral Milk Hotel, Joanna Newsom


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