Life Drawings – Trolley Dash


We don’t normally do singles but this is too good not to mention!

Life Drawings have decided now is the perfect time to release a Supermarket Sweep inspired track about panic buying.
A longstanding live favourite, Trolley Dash is an eerily prophetic song for these weird new times, where pasta and toilet roll are more valuable than gold, while hand sanitiser and masks are as rare as hen’s teeth.

With its ultra catchy “It’s too much to take” chorus and superbly comical lyrics, catchy Fall-esque keyboards, hip swinging bass line, dizzy guitar chops and tight driving drums Trolley Dash sees Life Drawings going high fidelity. They’ve perfectly encapsulated the charisma of their always excellent live performances.

You may enjoy this if you like: The Fall, Pavement, The Rebel, Blur

Listen and purchase (name your price) here:


  1. […] crazed supermarket panic buying, Life Drawings released one timely and brilliant single entitled ‘Trolley Dash’. It was bizarrely prescient in the circumstances particularly as they had been performing it in […]

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