Lean Logic – Safe In A Dream / Man-Made


Lean Logic is yet another new collaboration involving electronics maestro Nick Carlisle (Bamboo, Peepholes, Katy & Nick). This time he teams up with another prolific artist in singer Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, of the excellent Keel Her.
Their debut single ‘Safe In A Dream’ is a breathtakingly bold synth pop banger, released last week via O Genesis Recordings.
The heavy gated drums, ear wormy bassline and slick guitars combine to absolutely glorious effect. Keeler-Schäffeler’s repetitive vocals float atop to add a gorgeous dreaminess.
This is backed with “Man-Made”. A more psychedelic and meditative but no less catchy track. From the evidence here Lean Logic could be Carlisle’s most direct and poppy project yet. We’re looking forward excitedly to what comes next from them.

Check out the bizarrely brilliant video for ‘Safe In A Dream’:

Listen to both tracks:

You can find out more about the duo on their website here.


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