Kaputt – Movement Now


Kaputt knocked it out the park with their debut album Carnage Hall. Frontman Cal Donnelly also treated us to a great single last year as The Liquidators. Now back in tow with his copious cohorts, we’re delighted to see the Glasgow band back with new single ‘Movement Now/Another War Talk’.

A-side “Movement Now” sees the band embrace a harder sound, with chunky tense riffing, and almost Primus-like choppy rhythms. That is, until that magical saxophone swings in. We’re then back into more familiar territory. The B52s-esque “Movement n-n-n-now” yelp joyously reminds us of the band’s cartoony brilliance. Lyrically it’s a critique of Brexit Britain and the rhetoric that led to the loss of movement of people between the UK and Europe. 

Of course, this has been even worse in recent times under stay at home orders. It also now serves as an anthem for the utter disaster that was the decision to also restrict musicians’ movement both sides of the channel.

“Another War Talk” is an absolute belter of a B-side and much closer to the ‘Carnage Hall’ sound. We were knocked out by this sprawling song when the band came to London in 2019. It’s frenetic and super, super catchy; packed with brilliant guitar chops, bouncy bass and more of that saxophone we love so much. The vocal performances are a joy here too.

If there’s a better 7” released this year than ‘Movement Now/Another War Talk’ it’ll have to be utterly mind blowing.

The 7″ is released 14th May via Upset The Rhythm.


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