Honkies – Entitled To Nothing/Moving To Berlin


London’s Honkies, from the evidence of this release are a very strange band. In a good way. A very good way. They call themselves “Premium synth infused country honky-tonk”, which kind of makes sense. To attempt to compare them to anyone think part Meat Puppets, part Country Teasers, through a V/VM filter. “Entitled To Nothing” is a plodding country song unsettled by a flat, discordant synth track that makes this somehow brilliant.

The distorted vocals remind me of Ben Waller of the Country Teasers/The Rebel. “Moving To Berlin” is pure Meat Puppets in its guitar line, the synth again adding that layer of unsettling weirdness throughout, the vocals at moments recalling the Mark E Smith.
This is nearly a year old and, other than one more song called Pagans which you can hear on Soundcloud, appears to be their only release but we’re hooked!


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