Florist – If Blue Could Be Happiness


New York’s Florist sound instantly familiar – the hallmark of most good pop music. The music is subtle, with a lot of space. The vocals evoke bands like Avi Buffalo and The Concretes/Taken By Trees. If you like Yo La Tengo’s quieter moments, Mazzy Star, or Camera Obscura at their dreamiest you might also enjoy this. The song craft is beautiful; simple slow melodies, quiet background resonance and occasional (cello) string swells. The songs are allowed to breathe and nothing feels overdone. Our highlights are “The Fear Of Losing This” and “Glowing Brightly”. A lot of this may be too twee for some and wouldn’t be out of place on a John Lewis Christmas advert, but that sounds unkind so I’ll shut up now.

You may enjoy this if you like: Frankie Cosmos, Mazzy Star, Lina Tullgren, Camera Obscura, The Concretes


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