Blóm – Powerfrau/Skank Witch


Blóm in their own words are “three cute punx playing pua radge shit”. This release (originally a tape, now only available via Bandcamp) consists of two tracks of fuzzy pitch shifted bass riffs, drums and shouty female vocals. ‘Powerfrau/Skank Witch’ Is lo-fi, loud and politically charged. Basically all the raw ingredients for some excellent punk rock.

From the cover (depicting Grenfell Tower and a screaming cartoon of Theresa May’s head) and the lyrics we can only assume these songs are directed towards the British Prime Minister.

Although the lyrics often resort to basic name calling there is no denying that the anger expressed is palpable. The sound, mainly due to the pitch shifted bass perhaps draws mild comparison to Lightning Bolt or Melt Banana although the drums are not at such breakneck speed nor are the pitch shifts quite as intense. Blóm are less thrashy, more punk. To sum up, they seem to be exactly as they describe themselves!
This is an enjoyable introduction to this new band from former members of Tough Tits and we look forward to hearing more.


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