Twinken Park – Flowers EP


Twinken Park are a “flaming queer and transsexual punk trio” according to their Bandcamp page.

They are everything that the mainstream press attempts to bill Shame as.

There is a sneering fury, a dark wit and… good lyrics. Sorry to hate on Shame but they’re just not as exciting as the media make them out to be.

The awesome “Flowers” is inspired by artist and influential AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz, who also features in cartoon form on the cover. It cuts straight to the bone in its criticism of the US Food and Drug Administration and their lack of action on AIDS research. 

This is a powerful political statement, the refrain “Feel No Guilt In Your Desire” a bold statement to embrace who you are. Musically this is pure Rage Against The Machine. The vocals, meanwhile, are almost like Eddie Argos of Art Brut. If you can imagine it.

You may not expect that to work but it really does! The rest of this EP is more straightforward punk in sound. The lyrics continue to impress; the song “Gilmore Girls” addresses the difficulties in being able to be honest with your parents and what is too much to share. It contains the brilliant line “I’ve done things that would make my parents cry”. We urge you to also check out their brilliant On A Leash EP of last year, particularly “Fuck This Country”.

Twinken Park demand to be heard, and in every way it’s for the better.


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