This Heel – Heaven Is A Trap


From Malmo, Sweden, This Heel is seemingly the Lo-fi solo project of Martin Mansson Sjostrand, who has been steadily releasing EPs on Bandcamp over the last few years. These types of projects on Bandcamp can often be pretty ropey but Sjostrand has an ear for a strong pop hook. There’s enough weird-headedness to make the five track ‘Heaven Is A Trap’ EP an enjoyable listen.

“Intermolecular Pash” is like a cross between Sebadoh and The Apples In Stereo. With some clever chord changes which might have made the song too fussy but the pop melody is strong enough to carry it off well. The lyrics are like the sort of utter nonsense that we heard from Beck circa 1994.Title track “Heaven Is A Trap” is a catchy lo-fi instrumental with peculiar electronic drums and duelling guitars. A little like something Agaskodo Teliverek might have come up with when they were mainly an instrumental two piece.

“Problem On Earth” is a fine piece of power pop. The song at various points refers to the track’s title in a vocal melody that some could find annoying but there are some really nice passages in this song, with its chunky guitars and verses that would sit nicely on a Stephen Malkmus record.

“Self-adhesive Snakes” takes us back to instrumental mode. It feels like it may have been something that might have been intended to have words that just never materialised.

There are some nice hooks throughout.

“Uncle Reptoid” finishes the EP. Another instrumental, and perhaps a tad unnecessary. A short vignette with one note keyboard wobbles and a very silly auto keyboard bassline. It’s very much the sound of someone dicking around.

All in all, this is worth checking out, particularly for “Intermolecular Pash” and “Problem On Earth” and has prompted us to check out a few of This Heel’s previous short releases which feature a few pop gems.

You may enjoy this if you like: Sebadoh, Beck, The Apples In Stereo, Stephen Malkmus, Agaskodo Teliverek


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