The Slugs – Open Your Lugs! Here Come The Slugs

The Slugs

What a great name for a band! London two-piece The Slugs are a lot of fun. All the tracks on this five song EP are slug related (other than the final track “Pill In Ya Bum”… yep!). Not one song exceeds one and a half minutes. 

With no information on them other than a photograph of the two members standing next to an industrial bin they are somewhat a mystery.

The sound is lo-fi; the humour reminiscent of the Moldy Peaches, the melodic approach similar to the much missed duo Dog Legs. This is the sort of music that works best when recorded lo-fi. 

This is simple two or three chord/note punk, just guitar and drums with dual vocals. The opening track “Yeah Yeah We’re The Slugs” is a big favourite. We hope to hear more from this duo although we wonder if this was all just done with no intention of taking it further.


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