The Slugs – Don’t Touch Me, I’m Too Slimy

Don’t Touch Me, I’m Too Slimy
Don't Touch Me I'm Too Slimy

One of the first bands we wrote about back in July this year, we’re delighted to see London two piece The Slugs are back with their second EP. It’s titled ‘Don’t Touch Me I’m Too Slimy’. Having struggled to find anything more out about them we wondered whether they would release anything else.

What we’re equally delighted by is that this is just as fun as the first EP “Open Your Lugs! Here Comes The Slugs!”

I Feel Sick is all jangling guitars, plodding simple drums and dual vocals about, well, feeling sick. The vocal harmonies echo The Slits or The Raincoats.Not Here For That, clocking in at under one minute, is The Slugs at their most upbeat. Ridiculous lyrics and an early Let’s Wrestle style “ohhh” vocal delivery.

Pest, the title track, is the centrepiece here. Revisiting the theme of the first EP (ie being a metaphorical slug), this song bounces along, the guitar and drums being played staccato, towards a simple yet brilliant one word chant of “p-p-p-pest!”, the lyrics focussing on lethargy and self-deprecation. Both band members finally exclaim, ad nauseam, “don’t touch me I’m too slimy”. 

Girly Gang is great fun. Two chords repeated, comical dual vocal lines, just over a minute long.

It’s a piece of lo-fi post punk perfection.Whether it was intentional or not we don’t know, but what is interesting about this EP is that the first two and last two tracks seem to perfectly mirror the middle track, starting and ending with a slice of jangling guitar indie with a short post punk track sandwiched in between either side of Pest.Last Night I Dreamt I Had Conical Breasts ends the EP with great vocal harmonies and probably the best lyrics on the EP, finishing on the winning, and seemingly unrelated, repeated lyric “I’ll just eat my chips from a bowl”. The Slugs have cemented their place in our hearts as possibly our new favourite slacker band.

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