Sniffany And The Nits – The Greatest Nits EP


There is a building buzz around Sniffany And The Nits. The London punks wowed us with their debut EP on Gob Nation last year. Luckily for us they returned in April with this cracking EP of caustic, crazed punk.
We had been meaning to get around to reviewing this for a while, so we figured we should before the year is up!

The EP kicks off with the militaristic drums and Cramps-y guitars of Girl Factory. It winds tighter and tighter until it springs and expands. This bold re-introduction boasts clanging chords, a frantic vocal performance and lyrics about breaking stereotypes and expectations.

“I’m bred for my meat, I’m milked like a sow. I want to be rescued! Press my ear to the door…”

The caustic Horse Girl is at first breathless and consistently pounding, with a super fun shout along chorus. It is almost perfectly cut in half, dropping into a simple dirty groove that complements Snifanny’s somewhat perverted lyrics.
Rotten Tomato Planet follows with its amazing, high octane, pummelling pace, and great vocal take, delivered with typical charisma and infectious fury. It’s probably the highlight of the EP. We witnessed this brilliance live at PinUps and are delighted to hear it more than done justice here.

There is a grotesque darkness and intensity about The Nits.

This is perfectly encapsulated in the more spacious closer “Spider Husband”. A tale of dependency and allegory for domestic violence. It’s moody, scrappy and utterly addictive to listen to. There’s a hint of London oddballs Shake Chain about it. Come to think of it, what a great gig that would make, at such time we are ever allowed to enjoy live music again!

Sniffany and The Nits are undoubtedly one of the most exciting punk bands to emerge in the last couple of years.

The Greatest Nits EP is out now on 7” and digital. We highly recommend you grab a copy!

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