Sniffany and the Nits – I Love You (…But You’ve Got Nits)


Sniffany and The Nits are yet another new band formed by members of Joanna Gruesome, The Snivellers, Artefact, The Tubs and Ex-Void. Of these bands their sound is perhaps closest to the hardcore punk of The Snivellers. Having seen them a few months back we’ve been excited by the prospect of their first release. Now that it’s here it does not disappoint.

The EP, released on the excellent Gob Nation, consists of three scuzzy snarling punk songs lasting under 5 minutes in total. Fittingly the first track is called ‘Nit Comb’ – probably the perfect way to kick it off. Everything is distorted, Josephine Edwards’ sneering vocals are full of punk attitude. Her lyrics are intense with imagery of scalpels, pliers, spiders and the repetitive shriek of “itch, itch, itch”. Matthew Green’s guitar playing is super punky with fidgety power chords riffing all the way through. Max Warrens’ bass adds the necessary unfussy low end rumble and Owen Williams’s relentless hardcore drumming makes for a high octane opener.

The two following tracks are basically more of the same.

‘Piggy Bank’ brilliantly references Sex and The City – “You’re my dreamy Mr. Big and I’m a Carrie Bradshaw pig!” It seems to be about someone looking to exploit a relationship for money. The sound recalls a more pissed off Child’s Pose or Be Your Own Pet. ‘Good Boy’ keeps up the intensity with imagery of animal abuse.

“He pulls taut on a rusted chain in the back garden of my brain” and “I keep him on a short lead if he pulls then he’ll bleed”.

Musically it shifts from the pace of the first two songs into half speed, providing a fitting ending to the EP. It’s itchy, powerful, exciting and visceral. This instils the raw power of the live set and we are really looking forward to more from Sniffany & The Nits.
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