Sial – Binasa


Sial, from Singapore are a female fronted hardcore punk band. They are raw, aggressive and really exciting. On this release, via the excellent La Vida Es Un Mus label, none of the songs break the three minute mark (just as it should be). It’s all over in a flash.

Opener “Huru-Hara” propels the record into life. It’s urgent and powerful. Classic hardcore drums, simple power chords, dirty production and a singer with a blood curdling scream. The intro to “Kerakap” is superb, the rolling drums setting the tone before the song stops then breaks into a fast 4/4 beat. To write about each individual track seems almost pointless. Not that every song sounds the same, but Sial start as they mean to go on and it’s all great fun.Music to go crazy to in a grimey underground club.

You may enjoy this if you like: Melt Banana, Minor Threat, The Minutemen.


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