Sharing Is Caring / Sassyhiya – The Pets At Home E.P


Lockdown has presented so many problems and necessary adjustments for humans. Of course, it’s not just us who have been affected. Our pets have had to adjust to spending a lot more time with their owners in many cases. Some may be absolutely delighted by our constant presence and attention, others left wanting their “me” time back.
Three of the four members of Barry have clearly been delighting in the extra time spent with their pets. Thus, they have produced a brand new four track EP – ‘The Pets at Home EP’. It features two tracks by Mark Amura as Sharing Is Caring and two by Kathy Wright and Helen Skinner as Sassyhiya.

Amura bats first with the hilarious ‘Stinky Kisses’. The cutesy Rugrats piano and almost afrobeat guitars provide the perfect backdrop to Amura’s lyrics about being slobbered on by his dog Buster.

It’s like an Adam and Joe Show song, in the best possible way.

Up next is Skinner and Wright’s Crayon Potato. A groovy, super catchy tail about their cat who only likes eating ocean fish. It has a wonderful sing along chorus. You can also imagine it being a big hit at kids parties! It’s probably the closest thing to a Barry song on the EP.

Amura returns with the funky ‘Lick It’. A slow, simple building wah infused feel good homage to his other dog, amazingly called Daddy. Daddy of course likes to “lick it”.

The final track, the gorgeous, sweet “It must be nice to be you” by Wright and Skinner is melodically beautiful. With just simple guitar accompaniment, it documents jealousy of being a cat and wishing for their simple lifestyle. Almost Carpenters-esque.

It’s great to hear people enjoying making the most of the new normal and sharing their love for their animal friends. This EP provides some much needed light relief.

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