RKB Vitesse – Pledge Psychodrama EP

Pledge Psychodrama EP

RKB Vitesse’s debut album ‘The More You Love Yourself The More You Will Be Loved’ was a hypnotic, euphoric and club worthy record. Released during lockdown, it had us dancing in our living rooms in 2020. ‘Pledge Psychodrama’ is the stunning second track that now finds itself repackaged at the forefront of this EP. Given we’ve also just reconstructed with this website it seems a fitting release to be visiting.

Oliver Marchant’s devastating tale of holiday heartbreak has been given the recognition it deserves by the ever wonderful Lost Map.

This slow building banger features exceptionally emotive atmospheric synths and gorgeous slide guitar.

Its emotional depth would make it the perfect soundtrack to one of those insanely bleak Black Mirror endings.

The EP also sees the return of the 11 minute ‘Dancer At The Edge Of Time’ reworked as a 7 minute disco mix. It retains the moody atmosphere and viola flourishes of the original and feels just as at home in this form.

The remix of the title track by K of Zen reimagines it as an ambient piece. With slow, lurching bass and distant drums, the free, noodling guitar brings a Tortoise-like quality. It’s subtle, dark and affecting. The EP is rounded off with a bizarre response to the debut album’s title track. Performance artists Montenegrofisher deconstruct the track verse by verse, with comical tangents about pangolins and vegetarian sausages along the way. Clearly these are not your average remixes but then Marchant isn’t your average artist.

The killer lead track is, rightfully, the highlight. As a collection Pledge Psychodrama EP is like a beautifully compiled abstract art piece.


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