Real Songs – Super 70 X


Real Songs is the solo project of Dog Chocolate’s cat loving Jonathan Allen. If you are familiar with Dog Chocolate’s music disregard this when listening to this project because it is very different! Super 70 X, one of five EPs to come out this year, consists of four tracks that are sub 2 minutes 30 seconds. This is a collection of synth gurgles and stabs, abstract vocals, and disjointed beats, in places similar to Black Dice’s Broken Ear Record.

Opener Amos begins with a glitchy drum track not unlike an excerpt from Radiohead’s Amnesiac. Strange gargling synths emerge that sound like cicadas going crazy before a vocal nonsense comes in. Cherries is more sparse, in terms of the drums, there are vibrato keys playing two alternating notes, and strange noises that sound like car horns, heavy synth stabs and a vocal that drones and flutters in and out.Van, Ran, Tan is more disjointed, but is held together with a constant vibrato drone playing throughout.

Finally DJaded is perhaps the most abstract of all four pieces. There is a lot of texture in this track. A light crackling beat lies beneath vocal chattering and intermittent spacey pings.An enjoyable listen.Edit: this album has been removed from bandcamp.

You may enjoy this if you like: Black Dice, Standards era Tortoise, Aphex Twin

Listen here link no longer available


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