Pozi – Typing EP


Pozi are the perfect band for a world riddled with anxiety, uncertainty and crisis after crisis. The three piece’s political post-punk is lyrically subtle, suggestive of its themes, rather than explicitly preaching. This only adds to the tension of their unique violin, bass and drums sound. Their new ‘Typing’ EP sees the band continue to explore their sonic limits and introduce exciting new elements into the mix.

We’re immediately greeted with a jelly synth and brutalist, chorus drenched, bass as Rosa Brook’s violin undulates with a sinister low end on “Detainer Man”.

The tension is cut like a knife by call and response vocals. Toby Burroughs’ frenetic drums fizz alongside Tom Jones’ propulsive bassline. It’s an infectious, lyrically simple and confident opener that feels like a statement.
“Free Day” has a stop-start intro that teases its rhythm before locking into a bouncing groove lead by Burroughs on vocals. There’s a great melodic quality to this song. The bass provides a Talking Heads slickness as the violins dances majestically atop. This is a new approach for Pozi and it really works for them.

The title track “Typing” follows with a haunting violin intro that makes way for another aggressive bassline as Jones takes the lead vocal with an unhinged vigour we’ve perhaps not experienced before from him in the Pozi world. The band ramp up the nervous energy as the drums gallop alongside Brook’s pop vocal melody and winding violin. All manner of effects add to this unrelenting relentless juggernaut before its abrupt ending.

Brook takes the lead on the unsettling yet beautiful “Sea Song”.

It draws a dark focus onto Climate Change as Brook sings “See the rising tide, feel the rise, feel the tide rise”. The band throw in subtle details (delayed vocal clicks etc) to add a constant edge to the devastating vocal melody.

“Cover It Up” is an unwelcome ending, in that this cracking EP has to reach its end. It’s closer to what we would usually expect from Pozi but still brings something new. The taut rhythms and Burroughs’ critiques of corruption are backed by harmonised backing vocals from his cohorts.It’s a subtle ending to perhaps their most grandiose release yet.

‘Typing’ EP is not a huge departure but the added intricacies are a welcome addition. Pozi have always been intense, they’ve just amplified this further.

Like many bands, their progress has probably been somewhat stunted by the pandemic but they are surely set to explode.

“Typing” EP is out now via PRAH Recordings

You may enjoy this if you like Television Personalities, Talking Heads, Joy Division


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