Piss Kitti – For The Lovers

Piss Kitti For The Lovers
Piss Kitti For The Lovers

I can’t believe I’m writing about a band called Piss Kitti. Has it come to this? It’s almost as bad a name as Dog Chocolate! 😉 I spotted them on the bill for Futurama Festival and felt inclined to give them a go. With a name like that they can’t take themselves too seriously, right? Seemingly already picked up by the 6Music Fringe Festival in 2019 they bypassed my attention. With a handful of singles already in their back pocket, they released the ‘For The Lovers’ EP in March.

So, what does this Liverpool based band sound like?

Well, they’re a hoot! Lead track, the also grossly named “Baby, Stain Me” is a belter of a pop punk rock n roll tune. It’s like Blondie’s ‘One Way Or Another’ played with the infectious joie de vivre of Dog Legs.

“Hey You” has a bit more bite to it. The moody riff is accompanied by great shout-along group vocals but it doesn’t quite stick in the memory as much as the rest of the EP. 

On “Turn You Over (Keep On Coming’ On)” they slow things down to sensational effect. The grungy Pixies bassline is complemented by twinkling piano and the sweetest of choruses. There are definite comparisons here to Skinny Girl Diet and Big Joanie.

Piss Kitti push the turbo button on the fantastic “Rollerblade” which kicks off with a horrified scream. The B52s vocals are set to what is essentially a hardcore backing and it makes for joyful listening.

The ‘For The Lovers’ EP is a huge amount of fun. Their ear for a catchy melody and their exuberant performances should take them a long way. But seriously? Piss Kitti? Maybe there’s a relevance to the name I’m unaware of.

Dog Legs, Weezer, Breakup Haircut, Hole, Skinny Girl Diet, Big Joanie


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