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We first became aware of PC World when Nick Carlisle of Bamboo tipped us off about them during their interview in April. Having scoured the internet for any trace of this unGoogleable band and only ever finding links to the UK based computer and electronics stores we were beginning to doubt their existence.

Having had a chance experience of seeing the duo live, this EP recently appeared on bandcamp via Brighton based DIY punk label Gob Nation (which also serves as home to The Estate Agents and Sniffany and The Nits).

The most immediate point of reference for PC World is synth punks Suicide’s 1988 album A Way Of Life.

They share the retro sounding drums, the minimalist synths and the delayed vocals, however PC World do not indulge in the rock n roll leanings of Alan Vega and Martin Rev.

Sound artist Ryan Bellett paints a more visceral, industrial landscape, while William Dante Deacon’s intricate spoken word rants sit unerringly just underneath.‘Running Man’ is the sort of music you would hear in underground clubs in movies about futuristic dystopias in the late 80s and early 90s. It also conjures memories of the computer game ‘Speedball 2’! The phasing synths and samples are like a sinister Yello.

‘System and Structure’ amps this up even more with the low pitch spoken sample at the start. The vocals are set so far back in the mix that some phrases get lost while others suddenly stand out. There is a dark mood to this EP that carries on throughout. 

‘The Drift’ is more brooding, the vocals delay and warp while a slow edgy synth sequence is present throughout, as arpeggios dance in and another hard industrial beat that makes room for that ever satisfying 80s cowbell sound. While still industrial ‘Next In Line’ is a little more funky, with warbling synth sounds that have that Tom Tom Club feel and a super wet sounding bassline, but this is no upbeat dance party.

It’s mutant punk.

While the electronics sound great throughout it would be nice to hear a little more of the vocals in the mix at times, whether that’s through more volume or a little less delay, to truly get a grasp on Dante Deacon’s lyrics. It sounds like he has a lot to say.

You may enjoy this if you like: Yello, Bamboo, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle


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