Pale Kids – St Bernadette/Haunted & Holy Mess EP

Pale Kids

Pale Kids are a four piece band from Durham with a knack for a great melody. They are equally adept at contemplative twee (see the Hefner-like slow burner “Haunted”) as they are with catchy Undertones style pop punk (“St Bernadette”) song writing. The vocals even sit somewhere between Feargal Sharkey and Darren Hayman.

Their lyrics are frequently excellent, baring their youthful anxiety and frustration which is part of a jittery, relatable and ultimately very likeable whole.

Pale Kids’ songs are instantly accessible, with shout along choruses, buzzing guitars and an addicting urgency. The four song Holy Mess EP, released on Drunken Sailor/Frux Tapes, is great. There is a real vibrancy to every song on this release.

They start as they mean to go on with opener “Prayer List” setting the pop punk tone – the longest track here being 2 minutes 5 seconds. The chorus “I’m crossing you off my Prayer List” is anthemic. As we mentioned before they have a real knack for a catchy melody. Having released several singles and EPs, all available via Bandcamp, we would love to hear a full album. Also look for their excellent Hesitater EP on US label Father Daughter Records, released back in March. Given their fan base is seemingly fairly sizeable and the songwriting is consistently good, the future looks sunny for Pale Kids… sorry.


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