Molar – Straniero


Molar teased us last month with the lead track from this EP, Auslannerwahlrecht (See last month’s reviews for details on that).

The full EP is now out and what of the other four tracks? 

Courage is the longest track here, clocking in at 2 minutes 40 seconds.

Seemingly aimed at a certain breed of stupid patronising man, the songs kicks off with a Sonic Youth spikey guitar line before breaking into a gorgeous, breezy, Dinosaur Jr style chorus. This song is awesome. 

Pretend is a wash of My Bloody Valentine guitars at the start before the drums drive the song into it’s post punk verses, with dual vocals from Eilidh and Su. It seems to be about making too much effort to impress people and feeling awkward. Venezuela kicks the EP back into the gear it started in. It’s a one minute piece of punk brilliance, the band delving into the current political issues in Venezuela.

It’s frantic, with buzzing guitars, pounding drums and a bouncing bassline, and the message here is strong. Weights & Values sits somewhere between The Breeders, Joy Division and Witching Waves. There is a fantastic nervous energy to this song, and throughout the Straniero EP. Producer Mark Jasper has also done an excellent job of capturing the band’s live sound. Molar just get better with every release. 

Out now via Everything Sucks Music

You may enjoy this if you like: Ought, The Breeders, Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Witching Waves.


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