Ring EP

Molar have been on our radar for a couple of years. They are a four piece all female punk rock band based in London, having arrived in the same place from various parts of the globe. Their approach is simple, raw and a fantastic racket. There is an effortless cool about the ‘Ring EP’.

The guitars are distorted, sometimes laced with reverb, playing simple chords and the choruses will burrow themselves into your left temporal lobe (the part of the brain that recognises music).

None of their songs breach the three minute mark and they have a good sense of how to keep the ideas fresh.

This means they stand up to repeat listening. 

The excellent Ring EP (can you call two tracks an EP?) features a brilliant cover of 90s band Slant 6’s “What Kind Of Monster Are You?” which we actually prefer to the original. The triple vocals add an extra punch to the chorus, which is missing from the original. The Molar penned “Javier” cruises along a fuzzy bassline with heavily reverbed guitars playing hooks back and forth, before a great call and response chorus. This song gets better with repeated listens.

It didn’t grab us at first but is a bit of an earworm. We’re hoping to hear something new from Molar soon, this being released in November 2016. Check out the rest of their Bandcamp output, it’s all pretty great. Particularly their split EP with the excellent Pale Kids.


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