Maladia – Sacred Fires


La Vida Es Un Mus are on a roll this month. This release comes from closer to home. Maladia are a visceral punk band from London with a brutal, contorted sound. Everything on the Sacred Fires EP is turned up to 11 (cliche, sorry) for what is an almost relentless aural assault.

Vocals are barked almost incoherently over the scuzziest of guitar and bass tones and phenomenal, breakneck drumming.

Their guitar work is twisted, almost evil sounding, particularly on (the appropriately named) ‘Evil Eye’. It ranges between hefty power chords and wiry lead hooks that penetrate like the acupuncture needles in Takashi Miike’s Audition. An unsettling edge permeates throughout this EP from the opening notes of the title track. There’s an incredible intensity about Maladia. The density of the drums, bass and guitar create a deafening wall of noise that brings to mind Lightning Bolt. ‘Rose Deformation’ features a deliciously sinister sounding breakdown. The needly guitar spins around the almighty bass groove, before going back to slapping you repeatedly in the face.

There is a relative moment of calm with the opening squeal of ‘A Pox On The Fuckers’, which operates on a slightly slow pace but is no less menacing. This release, which follows Maladia’s 2019 debut EP/demo (entitled “Demo”), has upped everything. It’s better produced, it’s played harder, faster, tighter and is far more intense. This, of course, all makes sense when you hear that it was recorded with Jonah Falco of Fucked Up. “Sacred Fires” is one hell of an EP and marks Maladia as a London Punk band to keep an eye out for. No doubt their gigs will be a riot.

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