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Lumpy Green is the new moniker of Jonathan Allen, previously known as Real Songs (also drums in Dog Chocolate), who is proving to be quite prolific in spewing out his lo-fi electronic nuggets. If you managed to catch the works of under the previous moniker before they were edited from existence, Lumpy Green is cut from a similar cloth. October release “The Fitness Suite” featured a lot of unusual and often comical vocal non-sequiturs whereas “Bob”, released in November (and reviewed here) is more beat driven. As it’s quite abstract it’s difficult to write about in anything other than a figurative sense for the most part, so here we go:

The EP opens with ULEZ which features dirty lo-fi beats clashing with eery and tense synths like abstract sirens and delayed crunches. Trolley area sounds like if Woody Woodpecker was given a drum machine. Dripping in The Footwell’s vocals are distorted and effected to virtual incoherence, set to a seriously fun groove, with what almost sounds like one of those weird toys that samples your voice and pitches it to a tune.

13 Group 27 Decca Dominator sealed gel lead acid modules sets lo-fi synth squeals and motoric sounds to a repetitive disco beat, which flips to the off beat half way through to sound almost like an 8-bit computer game Lightning Bolt while Metro driver sounds like an insane rat being hunted by an elephant in a tunnel, or something like that.

Commuter drag is like the sound of a child playing with the volume fader on an old analogue television set to a badly tuned channel masked by static, while two other children bounce on digital pogo sticks. It’s ultimately a lot more fun than the morning commute. Closer Borrowed Golf builds wavering synths on top of a constant beat before falling in on itself. There is something greatly appealing about lo-fi electronica like this.

You may enjoy this if you like: Dan Deacon, Black Dice, Aphex Twin

(edit) This has now been removed from Bandcamp.


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