Junmin Cho – Musical Odyssey

Junmin Cho

Junmin Cho is a modern classical composer from Seoul, South Korea. This four track EP, conceptualised in 2014, is fascinating. With bizarre synth sounds, effected opera singing, occasionally almost veering into jazz, these sparse compositions phase between the speakers, coming to life in surprising ways throughout.

The EP begins with a lulling jazzy piece (Sea Waves), centred around the sound of waves and a creaking ship. There is a wonderful tension in this piece despite the relaxing wave samples. Air introduces standard percussion from the start, cutting in and out and slowly building. It’s almost like something from Tortoise’s Standards album.

This collection is at times unsettling, particularly third track Scent which has large chunks of silence, rapid stereo phasing and a slow build, before it segues into an engine-like loop.Lights brings in dripping water sounds which delay and decay to crescendo.
You may enjoy this if you like: Stockhausen, Tortoise, Steve Reich


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