Dry Cleaning – Sweet Princess EP

Sweet Princess
Sweet Princess

Finally this EP is out… again! We reviewed this in October 2018, loved it then and still love it now. London post-punks Dry Cleaning have surged in popularity in the intervening 10 months which has seen Sweet Princess being given a re-release.

This six track EP is an extremely assured debut. Cutting, cynical lyrics with dry acerbic wit, bendy guitar lines and repetition, repetition, repetition. Florence Shaw’s vocals, for the most part, are more spoken than sung. They’re timed to suggest there has been more thought put into the structure than to just ramble over the backing track. The lyrics are a cut up collage of Youtube comments, overheard conversations and newspaper articles bastardised to often hilarious effect. Vignettes of mundanity, bafflement and frustration.

The live show often sparks laughter amongst the audience at the oddities Shaw has observed.

This is simple, catchy, very confident and, at times, quite danceable – Magic of Meghan in particular, with its funky driving bassline from Lewis Maynard and one of many awesome guitar hooks by Tom Dowse. Nick Buxton’s drums throughout keep things simple. Solid and unfussy. Providing a tasteful and competent pulse at the heart of Sweet Princess.
Nothing lasts too long, the band have a good sense of space, which they demonstrate well in Traditional Fish.

There’s something very old school about this but that’s not at all a bad thing.Some of the hooks and basslines really feel very familiar at the first time of hearing but given we could not place them, it’s just down to very good song writing. There are some real earworms amongst them.

Our particular favourites are Good Night and New Job but this whole release is very strong. There’s not a duff track on it. It’s a really fine first release and we look forward to more from them which, we’ve heard, is not too far away.

Of course, you can also check out a live video and full interview with Dry Cleaning on our Youtube channel.

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