Dom Jolly – LOVE


Dom Jolly are a DIY supergroup from Glasgow featuring members of Sacred Paws and The Birthmarks. Not an early noughties TV “funnyman”.

The four track LOVE EP is a barking, four note riffing joy, sitting somewhere between hardcore punk and stoner metal.

Opener Giant is all raw power, repeating the same riff over and over. The vocals the only thing that shifts until around half way through when the guitars start squealing before they break things down. The pattern of the song set from here.Love is a blistering 3 and a half minute piece of hardcore punk with metal undertones. It appeared recently on Youtube, the video featuring clips from the TV program Trigger Happy TV.

The lyrics “I don’t want to be in love” are pretty much the only words here. The song is super catchy and dumb, the vocals are viceral, the chorus a stutter.OOO is perhaps our favourite track here. It has a constant drum beat and bass line and some of the most hideous guitar playing we have ever heard, before the whole thing drops into a doom metal outro.Upside Down Cross is a cover, we assume of the band of the same name. A pretty awesome stoner riff fest. This EP is ridiculous and enjoyable from start to end and we love it.

You may enjoy this if you like: The Melvins, Butthole Surfers, Shit and Shine

Check the bandcamp page. We think you’ll agree it’s competitively priced!


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