Creeping Hot Hands – Deleenen Sceenen


Creeping Hot Hands are a duo comprised of Louise O’Connor (Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business, Cacator And The Sirens) and Andrew Kerr (Dog Chocolate).
Essentially a jam band, their debut EP, the seven track ‘Deleenen Sceenen’ was recorded at home in October 2020.

Split into seven sections, Creeping Hot Hands mixing found sounds, field recording samples and synth drones. They create thick mysterious landscapes from the off in this uncut jam.
There is an ominous underlying tone created by the choice of drone notes in “Mill”. It sets an unsettling sense of dread as branches are pulled back in this growing creepy forest. We encounter flowing water, industrial bangs and whirs. This permeates throughout the album

When allowing this to penetrate into our temporal lobes there is a strong image, drawn in the mind’s eye, of Randonauting into an area that perhaps we shouldn’t have.

As curiosity takes us further into the mire we uncover deforestation and sinister hidden factories. There are big “NO TRESPASSING” signs, as they pump out all manner of toxic substances into the river. We keep sneaking around regardless.
This isn’t just purely landscape though, there are rhythmic pulses, particularly by the time we reach the half way point of “Murm”. It recalls the thumping, tripped out jams of Black Dice.

“Mungs” also carries on this theme with a more minimal and percussive approach.

This is ,essentially, the climax piece; almost as if having been spotted by the security guards. A scuffle ensues. “Mile” is an incredibly creepy finale. We picture having been captured and tied up in a large cold dark cellar infested with rats and cockroaches awaiting our fate.
‘Deleenen Sceenen’ feels like a dark and sinister journey into a forbidden world. We look forward to hearing what mysteries Creeping Hot Hands happen upon next.

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