Child’s Pose – Eyes To The Right


London four-piece Child’s Pose, named after a yoga position, delighted us with their bold self-titled EP in 2018. Live they proved to be just as exciting a prospect. Having lost track of their whereabouts we’re delighted that, after a three year gap(?), the band (featuring members of Sauna Youth, Woolf, Sarcasm and Nekra) have resurfaced with another EP of fractured snotty post punk.

Their infectious, fidgety, stop-start approach has lost none of its edge, and opener ‘October’ is testament to this. It tightly coils itself up before it pings loose and wild into the choruses. ‘Ella’s Fate’ is no less enjoyable, whilst a little more straight-forward in approach. It’s a great punk song with a shout along chorus.

The music and vocals of ‘Lil’ Snitch’ play an exhilarating game of cat and mouse, as it stops and starts, drops out and flails wildly.

Child’s Pose’s punk-pop vignettes really seem to lend themselves to the EP format. Their self-titled EP left us wanting more. It’s no different here, as they round off this EP with the title track ‘ Eyes To The Right’.

The giddy opening drumbeat changes direction effortlessly, swinging the momentum off kilter, while the surfy guitar and superb bassline remain the relative constant on top. There’s a gleeful freedom to their approach that is fitting of their stretch-based name.

Child’s Pose continue to be one of the UK’s most exciting punk bands.

‘Eyes To The Right’ is out now via Thrilling Living.

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