Breakup Haircut – What Did You Expect? I Got It Off The Internet!


Breakup Haircut are a product of this year’s First Timers Fest which previously spawned some great bands including Big Joanie, Scrap Brain, Panic Pocket, Secret Power, Charmpit and Irn Brunette. 

They deal in a catchy lo-fi pop punk that wears its heart on its sleeve.

They have a great knack for a melody that you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard before. ‘I (Don’t) Wanna Do Things’ kicks things off with a catchy bassline. Think Dinosaur Jr’s cover of Just Like Heaven and you’re close. It buzzes along like The Only Ones and has a real tongue twister of a chorus.

It seems vocalist Ishani Jasmin has a lot to say, cramming so many thoughts into every song on the EP. For instance, on ‘Why Can’t I Be Cool Enough To Move To Berlin?’. Jasmin dreams about moving to Germany’s longstanding capital of cool. Playing “tiny sold out shows”. The chorus (same as the title) is a real singalong.

Despite the self-deprecating angsty sentiment of the lyrics it’s really upbeat.

Kim Pine has a more sombre tone. It’s slower paced with chiming guitars and a pummelling bassline giving it a kind of “Say It Ain’t So” moody atmosphere. Jasmin’s voice is eerily effected with some kind of phaser. She puts in an intense vocal performance which is counterbalanced with ghostly Kim Deal-esque backing vocals. ‘Mystery Inc’, all about going to a cemetery on the way to a party, kicks off with an almighty drum fill. It has a twitchy urgent energy like early REM.

‘Mum, I Wanna Be Greaser’ is an instant hit. A straightforward rock n roller, like a Beach Boys or Modern Lovers track with surfy drums and guitars and a great Cramps-esque bassline. Lyrically it’s great fun, like Jonathan Richman in full silly flow. Yet another hit from the First Timers Fest production line then. 

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