акульи слёзы – в музее моей памяти

акульи слёзы

акульи слёзы are a three piece from Ufa, Russia. The name, pronounced “akul’I slozy” translates to Sharks Tears.

On their Bandcamp page the band are described in the past tense although, thankfully, it appears this is a typo.

This four track e.p., available digitally (or on an extremely limited cassette), is a glistening dream pop gem. With female vocals within this type of genre the obvious references here are Mazzy Star and Lush; the music is slow, affecting, the vocals pure. A lot of dream pop and shoegaze bands tend to hide everything, particularly vocals, behind effects but there is a clarity to this recording for the most part. With the singing being in Russian we have no clue what they are saying although sometimes this is for the best. Another release on POW! POP KIDS, this is clearly a label worth following.


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