Zabo Wags! #001


Zabo Wags is a new feature on Beats To The Bar of new releases, aside from those we reviewed, that we listened to and enjoyed over the last month and recommend checking out. Listed alphabetically.

Blooming Season – Living Feeling (CUSP Records)

A fine driving post-punk EP with cutting, (sober) Mark E Smith style vocals from Montreal’s Blooming Season. This comes courtesy of the always reliable CUSP Records. For fans of The Fall, The Cool Greenhouse, Jon Spencer. Cassette only release.

Cloud Factory – Cloud Factory #1 (Howlin Banana)

A debut EP of fuzzy post-punk from the Toulouse based band. Full of simple catchy melodies, buzzing synths, rumbling bass and reverb heavy guitars. Alice Cyprine’s vocals are reminiscent of compatriots Get Back Guinozzi or Josephine Olausson of Love Is All.

Irma Vep & Jon Collin – Washing Machine (Early Music)

Sparse, washed out ambient noise. Meditative and subtle, ‘Washing Machine’ is packed with drones, distant controlled feedback and delicate guitar chimes. Far more abstract than what we’ve come to expect from Irma Vep.

Jack Ellister – Lichtpyramide (Tonzonen Records)

A hypnotic and timeless psychedelic kosmiche album. Ambient loops, strange textures, synths, guitars and effects combine on this expansive multilingual record. Lichtpyramide sounds like it could have been made at any point in the last 40 years.

No Home – Fucking Hell

We were turned on to No Home by Rubie Green back in October last year. This latest album mixes moments of extreme glitching keyboard noise, drones and heavy rhythms combined with stunning, emotionally raw vocals. The no-fi production values add extra intensity. ’Fucking Hell’ is undoubtedly one of the most unique and powerful albums we’ll hear all year.

Now – Won (Beauty and Disgust Recordings)

More krautrocky repetition, electronic bloops and fine melodies from Now. What we’ve come to expect from the London band for more than two decades! For fans of Spacemen 3, Broadcast etc.


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