Witching Waves – Persistence


Witching Waves third album “Persistence” has a harder, more urgent edge than either of their previous efforts. They are an extremely hard-working band that constantly seems to progress. The title really seems to encapsulate everything about them. There is a feeling of great frustration and anxiety coursing through this record.

They’ve evolved from something almost like the Vaselines into a much more aggressive beast, somewhere between contemporaries Sauna Youth and Blood Red Shoes.

Opening track “Disintegration” is full on punk – absolutely racing out of the blocks. It really sets the tone and there is almost no let up in the energy with which Witching Waves (try saying that three times really fast) approach each track.
“Best of Me” is brilliant. Emma Wigham (also on drums) taking the verse vocals, Mark Jasper (on guitar) singing the choruses. This, in parts, sounds like early Dinosaur Jr.

“Eye 2 Eye” is a catchy nod to divisions in families, likely over Brexit, although this is not explicitly stated. This is followed by the sure-fire live shout-along”Hoax”.

“I can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t shake shake shake shake shake this feeling”.

Estelle Adeyeri, also of Big Joanie, provides a great propulsive bassline (and does so throughout the album) while Jasper puts in arguably his most impressive guitar turn on this track, with several fantastic hooks and a great solo.

“Shipping Container”, the longest track here, starts off much in the same vain as the rest of the album then absolutely sky rockets with an excellent instrumental crescendo.

Whether or not accidentally, “Melt It Down”recalls Envelopes’ “Sister In Love” in the rhythm of its vocal chorus line. However, that’s really where the comparison ends. This is far more aggressive and pissed off. “Money” has some deliciously fuzzed up guitars, while “Underachiever” is a spiky stand-out. It’s perhaps the closest the band get to The Vaselines on this record.

“I think I’m onto something good” the repeated refrain, and we certainly agree. Every moment of this record feels absolutely vital; Witching Waves playing like their lives depend on it.

You may enjoy this if you like: Blood Red Shoes, The Vaselines, Dinosaur Jr, Sauna Youth


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