The Homebirds – When Bricks Fall


The Homebirds are a three piece from Bordeaux, France. They are an integral part of the local DIY scene in the city, with members often putting on shows for touring UK bands. ‘When Bricks Fall’ has been much anticipated (at least by us) and it doesn’t disappoint.

To describe Homebirds would perhaps be that they are a combination of early dEUS, Pavement and Sebadoh.

Influences are firmly worn on sleeve here, but that is no bad thing when the influences are so good.
There is a crookedness to what they do, though that is not to say they are not tight. All three members sing, their French accents tinging their English lyrics in a charming way. The opening two tracks Ditch and Alan would fit quite well on The Ideal Crash. Shortcakes has a Spiral Stairs quality to it. Bad Boy Bubby is a fun piece, which really has that kind of unhinged early dEUS quality with the vocalists trading places yelping and chanting – the title a reference to a bizarre Australian movie about a guy who has been locked up in a room for 30 years with a disturbing dependent family relationship.

Told Me and Plop are both pure Sebadoh, particularly Plop, with it’s swaying guitar lines in the verses that follow the vocal line (or vice versa). A trick, of course, that Lou Barlow used a lot on Sebadoh III. Future Dicks begins with a slightly more minimal approach, with spacious passages of harmonics before it builds to a climax fitting of Wowee Zowee era Pavement.
The lyrics throughout are slightly abstract, sweet and or comical. To sing in a second language is not easy but they pull it off with adequate charm. This is all good fun and provided a fine release right at the end of 2018.

You may enjoy this if you like: Sebadoh, dEUS, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Silver Jews


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