Tampopo – Too-Ticki-Tattoo


A few years ago it felt like we hit peak Twee. Every advert on TV had some twee indiepop band or someone playing a ukelele on its soundtrack. Thankfully this went away and we can enjoy indiepop on its own terms again. Tampopo (named after a 1985 Japanese film) from Copenhagen, Denmark, have been releasing EPs on Bandcamp since 2017. Having done so quite prolifically, they have now released their first full-length album Too-Ticki-Tattoo.

There is something warmingly familiar about Tampopo.

The lead singer’s vocals immediately recall the drawl of Stephen Pastel or Eugene Kelly. The instrumentation sounds like it’s all about to fall apart (like with many of the most fun bands!).
It’s all jangling but slightly out of time guitars, funny lyrics “I’m the kind of person who plays his guitar all the way up” and a wonderful ear for melody.

At this point we’re a little unclear about how many people are in this band but we’re guessing at the moment it’s one person’s work.
Despite influences being worn firmly on sleeve this is a very enjoyable album, especially if you like the aforementioned The Pastels and The Vaselines.

You may enjoy this if you like Magnetic Fields, The Pastels, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Belle and Sebastian


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