Slant – 1집


Slant are a five piece hardcore band from Seoul, South Korea. ‘1집’ is their debut full length album. It comes courtesy of Seattle label Iron Lung Records and follows their 2019 ‘Vain Attempt’ EP. It’s the first we’ve heard them. Judging by the name, the first assumption was that they would sound like Slint. I assumed wrong. Instead they play a high octane, vicious punk rock with huge power riffs and pulverising drums. Vocalist Yeji possesses one of the most blood curdling screams I think I’ve ever heard. Her performance is consistently brutal throughout the ten tracks of ‘1집’.

In the wrong mood this could be headache inducing, in the right one it’s absolutely breathtaking.

The guitars absolutely rip, occasionally going as far as to indulge in a solo (see the excellent How Did It Feel?). In their choice of chord patterns and riffs they kind of come across as a supercharged Korean Lower Slaughter, which is no bad thing at all. They have a huge melodic sound accompanying the obvious nods to DC Hardcore.
Despite the brevity of the songs here, with only the final track breaching two minutes, they don’t feel like vignettes. It’s more like ten aural rounds with Mike Tyson continuously beating you in the face with little you can do to stop it. Perhaps with the occasional nibble on the ear too.

You don’t hear of many punk bands coming out of Korea (I’m sure plenty of people could prove me wrong) but Slant are the real deal. Full on, relentless and furious. This might be the best hardcore album we’ll hear all year. Hugely recommended.

‘1집’ is out now and available on limited edition translucent orange vinyl!

You may enjoy this if you like Lower Slaughter, Vexx, Minor Threat


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