Skinny Girl Diet – Heavy Flow

Skinny Girl Diet

For those heading to Reading Festival this summer be sure make a stop at the BBC Radio One stage on the Sunday for London band Skinny Girl Diet. If you like Hole, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr you may well find a space in your heart for Skinny Girl Diet. The sound is very 90s grunge, but good 90s grunge.

Singer Delilah Holliday’s sneering drawl recalls Courtney Love… but English.

She also has a brutal scream, which is particularly showcased in the awesome “Pretty Song” and “Okay”. The guitar parts are fuzzed out and discordant, the basslines rumble like prime Krist Novoselic or Lou Barlow, the drums are unfussy and tastefully controlled, Steve Shelley-esque. “Fix Me” is pure Dinosaur Jr at the beginning, with a similar groove to “Tarpit” from the classic “You’re Living All Over Me” but when the chorus comes in there is more than a hint of Nirvana as Holiday sings “I need you to fix me, it’s all I ever wanted to be”.

They are not much of a secret any more, having had airplay from several BBC Radio 6 DJs. But given this is an opportunity to push people into the direction of an awesome band who they may otherwise miss at a big festival, we would suggest they are worth your attention.


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