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Scab City

We’ve finally had the opportunity to hear Scab City’s self released debut, with the band having put it up on Bandcamp.
What strikes us first (and was expected) is that the production brings to mind the early work of Times New Viking, the lo-fi quality of the recording somehow adding to the appeal here.
Scab City are, for the most part, a heavy riffing noise rock band (MIB, Lava, Come Here Good Boy) but what sets them apart from (and makes them infinitely more exciting than) bands like Royal Blood, for example, is that this is all quite loose.

Scab City have a more punk rock aesthetic – at times recalling Be Your Own Pet and Yeah Yeah Yeahs at their most raucous.

Highlights? Man’s Arm, which builds around one simple, but pretty stellar, guitar hook. The ear bleeding country of ATTJ, the aforementioned heavy riffing MIB. And, of course, the brilliant raw energy of the 1 minute 9 second Botulism, which has a hint of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion about it.

This all points towards a band that are surely great fun to watch live – and speaking of which, they are playing the second day of our two day mini festival!

You may enjoy this if you like: USA Is A Monster, Be Your Own Pet, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lightning Bolt, Times New Viking, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


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