Rozi Plain – What A Boost


Rozi Plain, previously of Bristol, now of London is another fantastic artist from the Lost Map roster, now of Memphis Industries. Unique of voice, her musical approach marries subtle layers to sometimes stunning effect on new album ‘What A Boost’.

Opener “Inner Circle” is the sort of song that could just as easily end the album – a slow, drifting, light and jazzy arrangement, built around a revolving guitar line.
There are moments where there may be an Animal Collective influence. The backing vocals of “Swing Shut” and “The Gap” certainly have a Sung Tongs quality.

There’s a sense that Rozi Plain revels in wordplay.

The lyrics have a satisfying mouth feel. First single “Symmetrical” is a good example of this. Musically it has a sparsely syncopated approach akin to Sam Prekop of The Sea And Cake. “Conditions” expands upon this approach, layering elements to a gorgeous climax. There are elements of Broadcast on “Dark Park”. The wavering synths and minimal bass line, accompanied by more beautiful airy synths in brilliant 3/4 bursts over the 4/4 rhythm.

“Trouble” is like a more relaxed Palm in its playful rhythms and light touches. “Quiz” and “When There Is No Sun” are drifting dreamscapes that close the album beautifully, the latter introducing fuzzed out guitars which feed back but do not dominate or disturb the mix.

This whole album really sparkles. It’s comforting, like fresh bed sheets… or… something. An absolute pleasure to listen to.
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