Primo! – Amici


What a great name for a band. Primo!, from Melbourne, Australia are a four piece post-punk band featuring members of Marc Riley’s favourite band Terry and, like Terry, have released their new record ‘Amici’ on taste-making London label Upset! The Rhythm.

Primo’s sound is minimal, sometimes like Young Marble Giants playing the Raincoats, or something.

This is catchy, simple and slightly off kilter. Third track “Future” reminds us a little of Southend band The Plan in it’s disjointed rhythms and harmonized female vocals. What endears us further to Primo is that they sing in their own accents; there are no fake American accents to be found here.

They also mix up their sound with the brilliant “Mirage”. Introducing keyboards to the mix alongside the slinky guitar lines that ping around gleefully, the whole track only lasting around a minute and a half.

“Disco Eyeballs”, “Bronte Blues” and “Family Dinner Club” are lo-fi indie disco bangers, with simple, funny lyrics. “Family Dinner Club” at times has a Shaggs-esque quality, if the Shaggs could actually play their instruments in time with each other.

I love that the whole album almost sounds like it was recorded on a cassette four track. Whether it was or not I do not know, but it sounds great. You wouldn’t want it any other way. This record is quite understated but is good fun throughout and grows on you with repeated listens.


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