POZI are a brilliant and bizarre Post-Punk band from London. Four words to describe them? Well, in their words… “Smash”, “Visceral”, “Sparse” and… “Drenched” (whatever that means!). 
They are big favourites of Marc Riley at the moment, and it’s easy to see why.

Political without always sounding particularly angry, their lyrics are very much on point.

They take digs at the KCTMO over Grenfell Tower (KCTMO), reflecting on mobile phone addiction in the form of a love song (Engaged), seeing friends in hospital (Watching You Suffer), the loneliness of Christmas (Noel) and the happenings in the dark, seedy corners of London (Doggers).

“Watching You Suffer”, “Yia” and the wonderfully catchy “Ash Can” are the closest thing they get to outright punk, lying somewhere between Wire and The Fall in approach – their unusual set up of bass, drums, violin and eerie effected vocals producing a really refreshing take on the genre.

There are elements of Television Personalities style melodies evident (KCTMO and Engaged).

“Noel” is the centrepiece here, sitting comfortably in the middle of the album. The strings, vocal effects and almost operatic backing by Rosa Brook result in a woozy lulling track which provides a perfect breather to the frenetic nervous energy running throughout the rest of the record.

“Diggers” has a simple fun bassline, plucked violins and junk percussion. You cannot help but smile as soon as you hear it.
“Doggers” and “Roulette Wheels” introduce eerie bass synth sounds, dark lyrics and vocal effects akin to Trans Am.
They even channel Black Star era David Bowie on “Sound The Alarm” and “Noel”. You could at times mistake Toby Burroughs’ vocals for the Thin White Duke.

There’s an awful lot to love here. Keeping it simple has never sounded so unique.

You may enjoy this if you like: Television Personalities, Wire, Trans Am, David Bowie


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