Pega Monstro – Casa de Cima

Pega Monstro

Pega Monstro, from Lisbon Portugal, are a special band. Two sisters (Julia and Maria Reis), both who sing, Maria playing guitar while Julia plays drums. They kick up a fantastically full sound. We certainly recommend catching them live if you can. Casa de Cima, their second album released on Upset! The Rhythm (third all in all) is a lot of fun, whether you understand Portuguese or not. Their songs can go from garage pop into something ethereal and repetitious, which lulls the listener into a trance like state, sometimes all within the same song (see the brilliant “Partir A Loiça”). “Fado da Estrela do Ouro” has the subtlety of “Prospect Hummer” era Animal Collective, while “Cachupa” is, in parts, like classic Os Mutantes. “Odemira” has a similar feeling to Yo La Tengo’s “Sugarcube”, although it has a hypnotic chanted climax before drifting dreamily to a conclusion. 

Pega Monstro must be heard. They are one of the most exciting bands around.


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