Of Bits & Pieces – Of Bits & Pieces Vol. 1


A bizarre and highly rewarding compilation out of Leipzig Germany, Of Bits & Pieces is a large group of friends spontaneously exchanging ideas. It was instigated by Leo Marchand of the band The Staches. The albums was mostly recorded in one night, giving this album it’s air of spontaneity. Some members had never had musical experience before. Others went on to become bands (such as the excellent AKU) off the back of this.

This spans from strange Hip Hop (Bicuitz, Rottweiller, Ganache and Fant Mes) to Hardcore Punk (He Just Wanted To Paint and Who You Gonna Call?). It takes in No Wave (Watching TV and Rainbowroad), Post Punk (This Makes My DayThere’s a HoleDreams Of Getting Hit By A Car and Do The Exist) and Ambient Electronica (Aquatic Hunting Day).

There’s a real joie de vivre throughout the music and lyrics on this compilation. A real collective spirit is evident in no one being credited as individual bands or artists. Sung in parts in English and in others in French, this is an international affair. It feels very inclusive in a time where so much is being done to attempt to divide us.

 Of Bits & Pieces is like a great mixtape that no one had to compile.

You may enjoy this if you like: erm… really fun compilations!


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