Naked Roommate – Do The Duvet


Yep… they’re called Naked Roommate! You cannot have a name like that and take yourselves too seriously. Fortunately, Amber Sermeńo & Andy Jordan’s aside to their now departed The World project has the sense of fun their name suggests.

The Oakland duo mix electronic beats with no wave ESG funkiness on ‘Do The Duvet’.

Opener Mad Love sits somewhere between the aforementioned ESG and Upset The Rhythm label-mates Ravioli Me Away. The minimal but high grooving bassline, squelchy beats and delayed keys combine infectiously with Sermeńo’s yelps of “Mad Love!”

We Are The Babies mixes afrobeat tinged guitars a la Shopping with an uber cool deadpan delivery akin to The Waitresses.
The ridiculously titled Fondu Guru follows. It instantly brought to mind Paul McCartney’s brilliant curve ball ‘Temporary Secretary’. This is partly due to the silly rhyming title but also to the zany approach. However, this kind of sound is not an anomaly for Naked Roommate. The almost robotic drum beat, plinky plonky keys and playfully timed vibra slap sound are great fun. They even make space for a cheeky sax solo!
They carry on the saxophone theme on the super minimal Credit Union, with it’s comedic bassline and skronky spluttering sax. It’s an understated joy.

They kick up the funk again on the superbly catchy Je Suis Le Bebe.

Je Suis Le Bebe is a slick, sophisticated disco anthem with an ultra repetitive synth hook that begs you to dance.
That heavily delayed vibra slap sound returns on the staccato-yet-rubbery, almost Handle-esque Fake I.D. The synths are allowed to freak out and warp, while the guitar drops in and out, stabbing and fidgeting.
The band show a greater sense of space on the appropriately named Fill Space. A repetitive and hypnotic almost Dub, owing to the heavy reverb on the drums, cavernous delay build ups on the synth and roots-y bassline.

Naturally, they included a short instrumental titled (Do The Duvet Pt. 2).

There is, of course, no part one! This title track provides an abstract interlude before the hugely catchy Repeat. It’s yet another funky sophisto-pop banger. There’s a superb contrast between the washed out chords, wobbly staccato hooks and punchy yet skittery drums.
With this being Naked Roommate it makes total sense to finish things off with a song called (Re) P.R.O.D.U.C.E.

Its elasticated bassline and simple drums set the foundation for some of the most warped sounds on the album. The oddball dual vocals make this a delight, in a Die Dories Und Die Marinas sort of way.

If you told us “Do The Duvet” was a lost synth pop album from the early 80s we would 100% believe you. Naked Roommate have concocted a nostalgic and eminently enjoyable debut which we highly recommend!

Do The Duvet is released 4th September via Upset The Rhythm.

You may enjoy this if you like: ESG, The Waitresses, Ravioli Me Away, Kraftwerk, Shopping, Numbers, Young Marble Giants

Pre-order here.


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